Saturday, May 7, 2011

South China Tigers

It's safe to say that for the most part, all five of the tigers I have mentioned, look and appear to be the same thing. They all have very similar fur coloring and are all vicious animals. However, the South China tiger is a bit more unique than the other ones I have mentioned in this blog. This tiger is the least common kind with researchers indicating that there are fewer than 20 of them left in the entire world. With tigers threatening extinction, this may be the first type leave Earth entirely. Still existing in some sense, these tigers live in South-Central China and feast on cows and goats.

Sumatran Tigers

The Sumatran Tiger too is quickly decreasing in population. There are currently only around 400 of them left in the world. They mostly live in the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia and survive off hunting and eating various fish, crocodiles, fowl, wild pigs, and deer. They are not picky eaters at all.

Siberian or Amur Tigers

The Siberian also known as the Amur tiger looks a lot like all the other tigers I have mentioned. However, they too are quite different. These tigers typically live along the forests of the Amur River and feast on mostly red deer and wild boar. Their population is roughly only 400 left in the world with their number decreasing each year.

IndoChinese Tigers

This tiger looks very similar to the Bengal Tiger by the picture above. However, they are quite different from one another. This tiger has nearly half the population of a Bengal at around 2,000 in the world. They primarily live in the South East Asian states and their primary diet is ungulates, sambar deer, wild pigs, serow, and large bovids.

Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger is the most common tiger around. Their world population is approximately 4,000 and the mostly live in the Indian Subcontinent areas of the world. Their primary diet consists of chital, sambar, and gaur. There is even a National Football League (NFL) team named after this type of tiger called "The Cincinnati Bengals". This is quite a beautiful yet gruesome animal.